Aegis of Crocodile for Energetic Users

Aegis of Crocodile

If talking about beast animals, it seems we have to talk about Crocodile. The main characteristic of this wild animal is on its hard skin and teeth. Crocodile is considered as a reptile which can be found around Africa, Asia, America, and Australia. The habitat of this animal is also various including river, lakes, saltwater, and many more. Lanccelot sees that crocodile is a unique animal. Because of that, the team tries to apply crocodile in fashion especially watch. As the result, Lanccelot is offering Aegis of Crocodile. 

Actually, it is also related to the mythology creature. For example, crocodile is related to a sea creature namely Makara. This creature appears in Hindu culture. It is believed that Makara is the vehicle of goddess Ganga River. This crocodile is not only a vehicle for the goddess but also a kind of guardian. Because it is considered as a holy animal, it is common to see the ornament, wedding craft, or traditional items which show the appearance of Makara. There is also crocodile namely Sobek. This animal is related to the history of Greek. Ancient Egyptian believed that Sobek is an animal which live in Nile River. The special part of Sobek is on the appearance. It is believed that Sobek has a human body but with a head of crocodile. The legend of Sobek can be seen on the ancient pyramid text. On that text, you will see that an Egyptian man which has crocodile head. Despite of the scary story about ancient crocodile, this animal has unique body. It has sharp eyes, strong skin, sharp teeth, and calmness.

Aegis of Crocodile from Lanccelot is trying to apply the characteristic of crocodile in its watch. This brand hopes that the users of the watch will be a cool and confident man. Due to the habitat of this animal, Lanccelot is combining it with green color of strap. Green is the color of nature. It hopes that while wearing Aegis of Crocodile, you are not only strong but also free. Because you are free you can bring your fresh idea comes out. Green also represents energy. Of course, Lanccelot hopes that you have more positive energy after wearing Aegis of Crocodile. If you have more positive energy, you can grow yourself and useful for your surrounding. Moreover, you can also have more positive ambition to be a hero or someone to your surrounding. It is really a perfect combination, isn’t it?