Aegis of Sriwijaya for Men Who Want To Be a King

Aegis of Sriwijaya

The development of Indonesia can’t be separated with Sriwijaya Kingdom. In fact, this Kingdom had an important role around 8th century up to 12th century especially to spread Buddhism. Lanccelot is inspired by Sriwijaya and because of that you can wear Aegis of Sriwijaya. So, what is the history behind Sriwijaya which makes Lanccelot interested to use it? Actually, it is because of the meaning of the Sriwijaya itself. Based on Sanskrit language, Sriwijaya consists of two words. The first word is Sri which means fortune, prosperous, and happy. The second word is Wijaya which means victory or excellent.

As a high quality brand, Lanccelot wants you to be a fortune and happy. It can be achieved when you are wearing Aegis of Sriwijaya. Talking about Sriwijaya, it means we have to talk about the first king of this kingdom namely King Dapunta Hyang Sri Jayasana. It was said that this king was a strong and powerful king. In fact, Dapunta Hyang Sri Jayasana was successfully defeated and taken the areas around his kingdom. He was also a very kind king whether to his people or foreigners. The story of the king is still debate in several parts but it is not a mythology. Even, Dapunta Hyang Sri Jayasana was a legend because of his strength and power to defeat his enemies.

From this story, Lanccelot is inspired to create Aegis of Sriwijaya which becomes a fashion watch for men. By wearing Aegis of Sriwijaya, it hopes that you will be as good as Dapunta Hyang Sri Jayasana. It hopes that you have his strength and power when you are wearing Aegis of Sriwijaya. In this case, you will be more confident to meet your friends or business colleagues. Moreover, Aegis of Sriwijaya is supported by dark cream color for the strap. It is also made with deep meaning. Cream color defines as calm color. As a person who don’t too much talk but you tend to do something to realize your dream, you can consider wearing Aegis of Sriwijaya from Lanccelot. In fact, cream color also means as quiet but not passive. Pureness is also the meaning of cream color so if you can be trusted and loved by your surrounding, you can just go with Aegis of Sriwijaya to give more power and confident. It is also about how to show that you are a relax person. The most important thing is that in your relaxation condition, you can still create something brilliant.