Support Your Everyday Elegance Style with Bean’s of Creonte

bean's of creonte

Creonte or ‘Creon’ was originally a famous character in Greek Mythology best known as the ruler of Thebes in the legend of Oedipus. The name of Creonte itself means ruler.

Creonte had four sons and three daughters with his wife, Eurydice. The story of Creonte from Greek mythology has been known for many century and there were many epics and literature work that describe Creonte’s life journey.

Inspired from the legend and myth of Creonte, Lanccelot decided to create Bean’s of Creonte with the hopes that this product can support you to be a great person. Created with the combinations of black, silver, and dark brown strap,those colors were carefully chosen to represent the deep meaning in Creonte mythology.

First, Lanccelot is using silver case for the watch to represent the elegance and simplicity of Bean’s of Creonte. Silver is chosen to represent the nobility of Creonte. Second, Lanccelot is using black for the dial color. Black is chosen for because of its meaning as a powerful and mysterious color like Creonte. Third, dark brown strap is to represent the humble and powerful characters of Creonte, therefore choosing the right colors for Bean’s of Creonte is essential for Lanccelot to represent the characters of Creonte.

Having an elegance and unique fashion accessories is what made Lanccelot decided to name Bean’s of Creonte after Creonte characters itself. As it has been mention, all the spirits, hopes, and moral of the story, Lanccelot has chosen that the main concept in Bean’s of Creonte watch is making elegance and simple watch collections. So, give it a try for Bean’s of Creonte from Lanccelot. It will be perfect to accompany your every adventure.

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