Aegis of Gilgamesh for Prestigious and Alluring Look

Before the famous Illiad was written by Homer, a much older epic tale was already written telling the life of the legend hero king of Uruk, the Gilgamesh. Made in around 1300 B.C to 1000 B.C, this mythology shared the adventurous life of the Gilgamesh King and his best friend, Enkidu. Inspired by the bravery […]

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Aegis of Arthur – A Firm and Sophisticated Watch with Elegance

A fashion watch is not only about the design but also the story or history behind the crafting. A present to you who adores the old mythology and mythical creatures, the Aegis of Arthur, a handcrafted watch made from high quality material with dent is brought by Lanccelot. This watch should end your quest for […]

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Aegis of Saxon

Aegis of Saxon Makes You a Hero

Oktober 4, 2017 Darma Tanoto , , , ,

For those who love something about classic German, you can consider wearing Aegis of Saxon from Lanccelot. This watch has deep meaning which shows German in classical era. In the history, Saxon was considered as Germanic tribes. In the next development, Saxon was developed well because of migration and trading. As the result, Saxon has […]

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Aegis of Monte Carlo

Be a Legend with Aegis of Monte Carlo

September 4, 2017 Darma Tanoto , , , ,

If you love classic music, you should know about Philippe de Monte. This man was a popular composer during Renaissance era especially around Europe. The popularity of Philippe de Monte couldn’t be separated from the history of his works. At that time, Monte wrote a lot of madrigals and even he wrote more than any […]

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Aegis of Minotaur

Be a Powerful Person as Strong as Minotaur with Aegis of Minotaur

Juli 27, 2017 Hanson Leo , , , ,

Greek is popular with its mythology. One of popular mythological creature is Minotaur. This creature is unique. Just imagine that Minotaur has a bull head and a body of man. Because of this uniqueness, people use the character including for game and fictional character. Greek people also have the most popular history related to Minotaur […]

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