Aegis of Minotaur

Be a Powerful Person as Strong as Minotaur with Aegis of Minotaur

Juli 27, 2017 Hanson Leo , , , ,

Greek is popular with its mythology. One of popular mythological creature is Minotaur. This creature is unique. Just imagine that Minotaur has a bull head and a body of man. Because of this uniqueness, people use the character including for game and fictional character. Greek people also have the most popular history related to Minotaur […]

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Aegis of Crocodile

Aegis of Crocodile for Energetic Users

Maret 21, 2017 Hanson Leo , , , ,

If talking about beast animals, it seems we have to talk about Crocodile. The main characteristic of this wild animal is on its hard skin and teeth. Crocodile is considered as a reptile which can be found around Africa, Asia, America, and Australia. The habitat of this animal is also various including river, lakes, saltwater, […]

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