The Little Match Girl – Never Ending Dreams with Cassandra Lee

Cassandra Lee

Once Upon a time,

There lived a beautiful and kind hearted but poor girl named Ohdelia (@cassandraslee) she had nothing but a dream that her life would turn out to be good.

At one point, when she was walking in the city to sell matches, she lit a match, then Ohdelia found a mysterious box that had a red ribbon on the street. Due to Ohdelia’s great curiosity, she opened the box which happen to be the Lanccelot pride of Indonesia series wooden watch, Ohdelia wore the watch which turned out to be a magic watch that had been given a magic spell in order to grant the dream of the wearer.

When wearing a watch from Lanccelot, Ohdelia miraculously turned into Princess Ohdelia who wore a very beautiful pink dress and met with prince Harklight (@aryavasco) who at that time was looking for his soulmate all over the country. Since then Princess Ohdelia lived happily ever after with prince Harklight.

Are you curious and intrigued by the love story of Ohdelia and Harklight, please watch the following video from Lanccelot!