Aegis of Odin


Inspired by the aegis of the Middle Ages. This is our initial ideas in making and designing the Aegis series. Minimalist and unique shape like Aegis making it a timepiece suitable to accompany each adventure. Calf leather strap is perfect to be combined with the case on this timepiece. With Ultra Thin case (7mm) Lanccelot watch is suitable for every ocasion and every condition. Not only that, Aegis series is a great addition to any wardrobe, and goes with all styles and ages for every day of the week.


Aegis of Odin History

Odin comes out as a god whether in Germany or Norse mythology. As a god, Odin is representing the god of healing. Some people also strongly relate Odin with the god of death. As a mythological god, Odin was a popular god in the Viking Age. Since that, Odin becomes a legend and still known in the modern era. You can see the story of Odin from the Germanic European folklore. You can also see some arts which describe Odin clearly. What makes Odin so interesting is on its appearance. Some people said that Odin is an old man with black clothes and black conical hat. He has a long and white beard. Moreover, Odin also brings a wooden stick.

His unique characteristic and appearance triggers Lanccelot to use it on Aegis of Odin. Based on the history, Odin is a long lasting god in which modern people also recognize him. Lanccelot knows that such kind of characteristic and appearance will be eye catching and easy to remember. From this description, Lanccelot really wants you to come out with your own characteristic and uniqueness. By coming out with your own characteristic and uniqueness you will be more confident. You know what you want to do and who you are. Just like Odin, you can also spread something good for your beloved one or surrounding. Lanccelot can’t be separated with fashion. This is because Lanccelot wants to share something fashionable, stylish and charming.

Dark green is mixed with Aegis of Odin. The reason is strongly related to the meaning of the color itself. Green represents harmony, freshness and growth. The idea is that you can be a better person if you can come out with your own characteristics. Just try to combine Aegis of Odin with dark green leather strap with fashionable clothes. It makes your looks fresh and younger than your age. As the result, you can think something out of the box whether for your career or your daily activity. If you have problem with your emotion, you can also try to wear Aegis of Odin with dark green strap. It is because green is believed as a stabilize color. It seems by seeing your Aegis of Odin you will be calm especially when you are facing difficult or hard tasks. In short, Lanccelot through Aegis of Odin really want to be your close and best friend in achieving your success.

Case Size 36 x 34 (mm)
Case Thickness 7 (mm)
Case Material Stainless Steel
Movement Japanese Quartz Movement
Strap Calf Leather Strap
Strap Width 17 (mm)
Interchangeable Straps Yes
Water Resistant Up to 3 ATM (Rain Resistant)
Additional information
Weight 0.5 kg