Bean’s of Alcmene


Inspired from the unique design and the precision from Beans shape. This is our initial ideas in creating the watch collections of Beans series. Minimalist, unique, and classic dial shape will make this time piece memorable and suitable to accompany each adventure. Made from Italian calf leather with many color variations, the bean shape watch will bring the unique and different you, just like our Bean’s series motto “Be Different Be Unique”

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Bean’s of Alcmene History

A watch is like a bracelet, it’s an accessory to enhance the physical appearance. A watch around the wrist that matches with the outfit is simply going to give more aesthetic value to the fashion. Since the demand for a watch is still high everywhere around the world, many watch manufacturers, including Lanccelot, keep on trying to produce beautiful and elegant watches to wear from time to time.

Being one of the most famous watch brand, Lanccelot has its products distributed and worn almost everywhere around the globe, including Indonesia. Find out more about the Lanccelot watch down below.

Inspired from the great Alkmene from Greek mythology Lanccelot have design and create watch collections under the name of Bean’s of Alkmene. Alkmene was the the wife of Amphitryon and better known as the mother of Heracles.

Being the mother of god in Greek Mythology is also an indication that Alkmene is a great and powerful woman at that time. Alkmene showed that women could also be determined, be a leader, and be good role model for the people.

Lanccelot would like to bring the spirit of the legend of Alkmene into Bean’s of Alkmene. Combining brown leather strap, gold case and black dial will never go out of style. The brown leather strap is just like the personality of Alkmene as a mother, she is a down to earth and humble person, and just like other Bean’s series, Black dial and gold case will symbolize the elegance and royalty of Alkmene as the mother of Heracles, one of the god in Greek mythology.

The real spirit from Bean’s of Alkmene is presented through the brown leather strap and unique bean’s dial. Surely, it describes the spirit of the Alkmene as a woman and the watch is specially made in Indonesia. As it has been mention, all the spirits, hopes, and moral of the story, Lanccelot has chosen that the main concern in Bean’s of Alkmene watch is making elegance and simple watch collections. So, give it a try for Bean’s of Alkmene from Lanccelot. It will be perfect to accompany your every adventure.

Case Size 40 x 28 (mm)
Case Thickness 7 (mm)
Case Material Stainless Steel
Movement Japanese Quartz Movement 2 Hands
Strap Italian Calf Leather Strap
Strap Width 18 (mm)
Interchangeable Straps Yes
Water Resistant Up to 3 ATM (Rain Resistant)
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Weight 0.5 kg