Chevalier of Light


Inspired by the minimalistic dan classic fashion waist bag. This is our initial ideas in making and designing the Chevalier waist bag series. Minimalist and classic shape design with a touch of Lanccelot brand name making it a suitable accessory to accompany each of your activities. Made from Premium Nylon with Water Resistant and Polyester Ripstop with 4 color variations to choose- Chevalier Waist Bag series from Lanccelot. Your fashion style will be perfect with this classic waist bag collection series.


Chevalier of Light

If you are a person who loves to wear a fashion accessory, Lanccelot newest waist bag collection can be your new choice. As we know, an authentic fashion accessory has a signature which other fashion accessory don’t have. Besides, there is always a history which is carried by a great watch. Lanccelot, a fashion brand company will be a great choice for fashion lovers with interest in legend, mythology, or mythical creatures. So, if you are going to choose a fashion accessory which will give you a nice look, Chevalier of Light will be perfect for you.

The main source of light on Earth is the sun and light from sun provides the energy which every creature on earth need. Inspired from the great and the function of light itself. The name Chevalier is chosen because Chevalier is the name of a member of certain orders of knighthood or of modern French orders such as the Legion of Honor. Inspired from the important need of light on earth and the bravery of Chevalier, Lanccelot decided to designed Chevalier of Light to create the unique and bravery fashion item to complete your fashion style.

Made from Premium Nylon with Water Resistant and Polyester Ripstop, with the color white as the basic color of waist bag, Chevalier of Light from Lanccelot will be the perfect fashion accessory for you. In general, this fashion waist bag is very suitable for to company your casual event especially in Indonesia. Besides, the history of Chevalier of Light will bring a great sense of elegance and simplicity to the wearer of our waist bag, Lanccelot always try to present the best fashion accessory with the great design and highest quality, and our moto is “Luxuries created by yourself”

By using the best materials, Chevalier of Light will not disappoint you. So, you don’t need to be worried about the quality. This fashion item also gives the positive vibes that you can survive in bad conditions. Lanccelot does designed a collection of fashion accessory with simple, unique, and elegant look. Try this Chevalier of Light to accompany your casual adventure.

Gender Unisex
Dimension 24 x 7 x 15 cm
Material Premium Nylon with Water Resistant
Inside Material Polyester Ripstop
Zipper Brand YKK
Webbing Premium Nylon Seatbelt
Component YKK Clip Side Release Buckle
Construction 3 Layers Foam 5mm
Weight 250gr
Additional information
Weight 0.25 kg