Chevalier of Sea


Inspired by the minimalistic dan classic fashion waist bag. This is our initial ideas in making and designing the Chevalier waist bag series. Minimalist and classic shape design with a touch of Lanccelot brand name making it a suitable accessory to accompany each of your activities. Made from Premium Nylon with Water Resistant and Polyester Ripstop with 4 color variations to choose- Chevalier Waist Bag series from Lanccelot. Your fashion style will be perfect with this classic waist bag collection series.


Chevalier of Sea

Sometimes you need to wear fashion items that will be perfect to show the classic sides of your personality, therefore having an efficient and modest waist bag as your accessory to enhance your style can be the right choice. Lanccelot has created the waist bag series collection to complete your style.

Inspired from the courage and bravery of Chevalier and the powerful of mighty sea with history behind it, Lanccelot has designed a fashion waist bag with the name Chevalier of Sea made from Premium Nylon with Water Resistant and Polyester Ripstop.

Chevalier is the name of a member of certain orders of knighthood or of modern French orders such as the Legion of Honor. The sea or simply the ocean is the connected salt water area that covers over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, Sea is also the home to a diverse collections of marine life form that use it as a habitat. Inspired from the blue color of the sea, and the meaning of blue color, Lanccelot create Chevalier of Sea with blue color as the base color. Lanccelot believe blue color is a cool and calming color that shows creativity and intelligence.

With a touch of blue color to symbolize the modern and elegance style in waist bag. Lanccelot want to create a beautiful and resilient fashion accessory in the form of waist bag to complete your style.

Moreover, with numerous kinds of waist bag available today, starting from the classic ones to the contemporary ones. For those who love to simple yet elegance fashion accesory, wearing a classic yet fancy waist bag with a touch of deep philosophy behind it must be something essential.

Lanccelot always gives its best for the products, including for the Chevalier of Sea. Chevalier of Sea will be the perfect fashion accessory to create a classic and bold bag accessory, made from high-quality materials and surely fit to be worn by someone who care about physical appearance as well as sophistications. This is why the Chevalier of Sea by Lanccelot is just the perfect fashion item for your attire.

Gender Unisex
Dimension 24 x 7 x 15 cm
Material Premium Nylon with Water Resistant
Inside Material Polyester Ripstop
Zipper Brand YKK
Webbing Premium Nylon Seatbelt
Component YKK Clip Side Release Buckle
Construction 3 Layers Foam 5mm
Weight 250gr
Additional information
Weight 0.25 kg