Lich King of Sapphire

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Inspired by the beauty of the various gem stones. This is our initial ideas in making and designing the Lich bracelet series. Minimalist and classic shape design with a touch of precious gem stone enamel making it a suitable accessory to accompany each of your activities. Made from Double Ion Plated Stainless Steel and gem stone enamel with 5 color variations and come with 2 bracelet size variations to choose, Lich King and Lich Queen. Your fashion style will be perfect with this classic bracelet collection series.

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Lich King of Sapphire

Sometimes you need to wear fashion items that will be perfect to show the unique sides of your personality, therefore having a bracelet as a hand accessory to enhance your style can be the right choice. Lanccelot has created the bracelet series collection to complete your style.

Inspired from the beauty of Sapphire stone and the history behind it, Lanccelot has designed the bracelet made with a touch Sapphire enamel and Double Ion Plated Stainless Steel with the name Lich King of Sapphire.

Sapphires have been prized as great gemstones since 800 Before Century. A great poet has described sapphire gems as “the blue of a clear sky just minutes after sundown.” Blue sapphires were a holy stone to the catholic church and for Ancient Persians, they believe Sapphire made the sky blue with their reflections. To some of religions belief, the blue color of the sapphire represents the heavens.

With a touch of stainless steel to symbolize the modern and elegance style for the bracelet, stainless steels are most notable for their corrosion resistance. Lanccelot want to create a beautiful and resilient jewelry accessory to complete your style.

Moreover, with numerous kinds of bracelet available today, starting from the classic ones to the contemporary ones. For those who love to simple yet elegance fashion appearance, wearing a classic bracelet around the wrist with a touch of deep philosophy behind it must be something essential.

Lanccelot always gives its best for the products, including for the Lich King of Sapphire. Lich King of Sapphire will be the perfect bracelet jewelry to create a classic and bold hand accessory, made from high-quality materials and surely fit to be worn by someone who care about physical appearance as well as sophistications. This is why the Lich King of Sapphire by Lanccelot is just the perfect bracelet for your fashion attire.

Circumference 170 (mm)
Color Silver with Sapphire Enamel
Bracelets Material Double Ion Plated Stainless Steel 316L and Enamel
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Weight 0.2 kg