Nero King of Edmund


Inspired by the Nero of the Roman emperor. This is our initial ideas in making and designing the Nero series. Minimalist and naturl shape like Nero making it a timepiece suitable to accompany each adventure. Italian calf leather strap is perfect to be combined with the wood case for this timepiece. With unique wood case, Lanccelot watch is suitable for every ocasion and every condition. Not only that, Nero series is a great addition to any wardrobe, and goes with all styles and ages for every day of the week.


Nero King of Edmund

Being one of the most famous watch brand, Lanccelot has its products distributed and worn almost everywhere around the globe, including Indonesia. Find out more about the Lanccelot watch down below.

Inspired from Edmund the Martyr from England history, Lanccelot have design and create watch collections under the name of Nero King of Edmund.

Edmund the Martyr (also known as St Edmund or Edmund of East Anglia as king of East Anglia from years 855 until his death. Edmund the Martyr was said to have been crowned by St Humbert (Bishop Humbert of Elmham) on 25 December 855, at a location known as Burna (probably Bures St. Mary in Suffolk) which at that time functioned as the royal capital. Later versions of his life recorded that he was a model king who treated all his subjects with equal justice and who was unbending to flatterers.

Being a model king who treated all his subjects with equal justice is also an indication that King Edmund is a great and powerful man at that time. King Edmund showed determination, becoming a leader, and be good role model for the people.

Lanccelot would like to bring the spirit of the legend of King Edmund into Nero King of Edmund. Combining brown leather strap, round wood case and white dial will never go out of style. The brown leather strap is just like the personality of King Edmund as a king, he is a down to earth and humble person, and Lanccelot want to represent the characteristic of King Edmund into Nero King of Edmund.

Nero King of Edmund is a classic and bold watch, made from high-quality materials and surely fit to be worn by anyone who care about physical appearance as well as sophistications. Being classic, this watch from Lanccelot is suitable for those who love to wear formal and elegant outfits. Nero King of Edmund is the exact watch you need for casual or formal occasions. This is why the Nero King of Edmund watch by Lanccelot is just perfect for your fashion attire.

Case Size 39 (mm)
Case Thickness 6 (mm)
Case Material Zebra Wood
Glass Material Sapphire Glass with Scratch Resistant
Movement Japanese Quartz Movement 3 Hands with Calender
Strap Italian Calf Leather Strap
Strap Width 20 (mm)
Interchangeable Straps Yes
Quick Release Straps Yes
Additional information
Weight 0.5 kg