Aegis of Attilia Born from the Heart of Attilia The Hun

Aegis of Attilia

If you are looking at one of Lanccelot product collection, you will find one of unique product called Aegis of Attilia. If you read its name, maybe you remember an important person that lived in 4th century. Yes, this wrist watch was inspired by the one and only Attilia The Hun. Most of people are misunderstanding with his last name, “The Hun”. They usually read it as “Hunt”, which actually not quite far from the reality.

Attilia is a LeGend. He was known as one of the conqueror from the East. This is also the reason why we at Lanccelot, choose the brown color for the watch belt. The brown color resembles his tribes color, the Hun tribe. So, basically, Attilia The Hun can be described as Attilia from Hun tribe. The unique thing about Aegis of Attilia product with this important person in History was the design. This watch designed very simple and slim or small. This is also inspired with the stature of the Attilia The Hun. There are no exact depict of how he looked like. However, there is some text from Jordanes historian that described him as man with small physique, larger head but with wide chest. It shows his proud and confident, like Lanccelot try to give to the person who wears this wrist watch. A confident when they wear some of great product.

That wasn’t the only thing that unique about Attilia. The name Attilia seems also describes his behavior and physique. This name comes from Hun’s language, which is Atta (means father) and suffix “-ila” that if combined, it describe as “little father”. The father like feeling is also the other inspiration for this Fashion watch, that was designed to have simple and comfortable.

Attilia definitely isn’t just Mythology. He was existed and once become one of the mighty conquerors. Even though there are many bad things said about him, there are also many sources that he was very compassionate to other people that seek for his protection. The city or country he conquers also was protected like it was his country. The great protection also becomes inspiration when we choose the material for this watch. We try to get the best material that can stand with many conditions. This greatness is also what we at Lanccelot try to apply on this product. The design, color and comfort are the most important for this product. Therefore, our customer will be much happier and satisfied when they wear Aegis of Attilia from Lanccelot.