Get the Positive and Elegance Traits from Nero King and Queen of Leofric into Your Fashion Style

Nero of Leofric

Many people love wearing watch around their wrist whether it’s to look for time or for fashion accessory and many watches have come with unique, classic, and beautiful design to enhance your fashion attire. By wearing the perfect watch, people can easily tell time and also look great and complete their fashion attire. Understanding the demand of watch is as an important accessory. Lanccelot is a local brand from Indonesia decided to create a unique and different watch collections.Inspired by the great King of Leofric from British empire, Lanccelot has decided to create Nero King and Queen of Leofric, find out more about the history of Nero King and Queen of Leofricwatch below.

Leofric was an Earl of Mercia. He founded monasteries at Coventry and Much Wenlock. Earl Leofric is most remembered as the husband of Lady Godiva. Leofric was the son of Leofwine the previous earl of Mercia. And becoming Earl of Mercia after his father, has made Leofric as one of the most powerful men in the land.

Lanccelot choose to use the combination of black dial with black strap with wood case as the main colors of Nero King and Queen of Leofric. Lanccelot choose the black as the strap and dial colors to represent the determination and bravery of Leofric to rule his empire. Wood case from ebony wood is chosen to represent the royalty within Leofric as an Earl at that time. Lanccelot choose black color to represent the classic and elegant color for fashion accessories in every occasion, for formal and informal events.

Lanccelotalways try to serve the best product for you. Lanccelot only use high quality materials and it is made with deepest contemplation. Lanccelot always designed our watch collections as simple as it can without losing the style and simplicity. As the result, you are about to wear a watch that more than an item which can show you the right time. There is a strong spirit and meaning behind this product,Lanccelot Nero King and Queen of Leofric will be the perfect watch for formal or casual occasions. The final achievement is that you can get more than just a watch and you can also get the positive traits from Lanccelot Nero King and Queen of Leofric watch.

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