Timeless Treasure from The Heart

Cassandra Lee

“The best gift in life are the people you love, the place you go, and the memories you make are the timeless treasure from the heart”

When you ask people about their memories, they often talk as though they were material possessions, enduring representations of the past to be carefully guarded and deeply cherished.

Gifts can become some of the most important items in a person’s life. That’s why giving the classic and elegant gift can be the treasure to the person you care about and will give the best and long lasting memories for your love one.

At the video, Lanccelot choose the classics medieval style for video concept and choose Cassandra Lee as our brand ambassador. It is said that classic style will remain eternal in our heart, therefore inspired by the classic style and the elegance in it, Lanccelot create Navigator Series Collections as the perfect timeless gift for you and your loved one.

Inspired by the silver armor and the strength in it, at the first gift Cassie wear our Navigator Odysseus to represent the strength Cassie’s mother want to give to her child. Silver is a good color that symbolize harmony and protection for your family, friends, and surrounding.

At the second watch, Cassie wearing our Navigator of Vlad Tepes, with the black strap and black dial, with the touch of gold casing, it will represent the mysterious side but also represent the strength of the wearer. While creating this Navigator of Vlad Tepes, Lanccelot gets inspired by the famous and mysterious Dracula legend, Vlad Dracula from Transylvania.

At the third watch, Cassie is wearing our Navigator of Romulus, made of gold mesh strap, gold dial and white strap, Lanccelot want to create the perfect combination to represent Romulus. Romulus was known as war general that is famous for his determination and bravery.

Lanccelot made our watch with careful design and precision with deep philosophy behind it, with the hope will represent it to the wearer of our watch.

The video itself will also symbolize the perfect way to give the perfect present for your loved one and to symbolize that time can heal every wound and has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.

Have you given the perfect gift to the person you care about?

Lanccelot x Cassandra Lee Meet & Greet (2 Juni 2018)

Hello guys,
Let’s take a sneak peek of @lanccelot and @cassandraslee fun dinner night at Meet and Greet LanccelotxCassandraslee at Twin House on June 2, 2018. At this event, we also invited Kasih Anugerah orphanage to participate and enjoy the dinner with their idol @Cassandraslee.
We also want to thank our friends who have taken the time to attend our event, for friends who have not had the opportunity to join our event, don’t be sad! There is still a chance you will be selected at our next event.
See you guys!