True Beauty in Timeless Masterpiece


Wristwatches were first worn by military men towards the end of the nineteenth century, when the importance of synchronizing maneuvers during war without potentially revealing the plan to the enemy through signaling was increasingly recognized.

While watch style and trend has go through many changes in design, the classical watch will remain eternal in fashion style for every generation. With Lanccelot classical watch it will be the perfect gift and present for your loved one.

At the video, our model uses some of our aegis series: aegis of Gilgamesh, aegis of Hamelin, aegis of Saxon, aegis of Charlemagne, and aegis of Barbarossa. Lanccelot handcrafted and carefully create our aegis series philosophy with extra care to symbolize the wearer perfectly also will hopefully bring a great confident and elegance to match your OOTD style!

Lanccelot brought Aegis of Charlemagne with the philosophy of Charlemagne as the protector of Europe The blue color of the skin strap on Aegis of Charlemagne symbolizes loyalty and intelligence to bring the intelligence and loyalty to the wearer.

Lanccelot brought Aegis of Saxon because Saxon is a group of tribes from Germany who live in the area of ​​the North Sea. They are a strong group of men and have a great strength to adapt in most of the surrounding. The blend of blue on the dial and its leather strap on Aegis of Saxon makes it perfect and fit for all occasions.

Aegis of Gilgamesh for prestigious and alluring looks, Lanccelot did put so much attention and effort when designing and handcrafting this masterpiece inspired by one of the oldest history and mythical creatures’ tales. Every part of this fashion watch is made with precision to make sure that it becomes as legendary as the mythology of King of Gilgamesh that has inspired the making.

Aegis of Hamelin is using brown strap. The use of brown is also supported by philosophical meaning. Brown is believed as the color of healing. Similar to the role of Pied Pipe of Hamelin, as the user of Aegis of Hamelin you can be a healer for your surroundings. You can help people to free from their problems. The most important thing is that brown boost your elegant sense.

The classic and vintage style will be the eternal style where it will bring the most of your elegance. You can mix and match it with your everyday style and still get fashionable. So which one of our Aegis series is your style?