Fairy Tale Journey with Amanda Rawles – Lanccelot

Amanda Rawles

“Brave is a New Beauty” is the new Lanccelot slogan to empower everyone in the world to be brave and begin their own journey.

Brave itself means courageous, dauntless, and a person who is brave faces dangerous or difficult situations with courage.  When you ask people about their life, what is their fear, and something they do to face their problems that is courage that Lanccelot want to represent in through the LanccelotxAmandaRawles video

At the video, Lanccelot choose the mystical forest style for video concept and choose Amanda Rawles as the main lead to represent the beauty in bravery. It is said that classic and nature style will remain eternal in our heart, therefore inspired by the beauty of nature and the elegance in it, Lanccelot create Romans Wood Collections as the perfect representation of Brave is a New Beauty.

Romans wood collections from Lanccelot has come in 5 variants and 2 dial size for each variant. Romans King with dial size 41mm and Romans Queen with dial size 32mm. Available for Romans King and Queen of Java, Romans King and Queen of Pelawan, Romans King and Queen of Monteverde, Romans King and Queen of Stantoon Moor, and Romans King and Queen of Black Forest.

Lanccelot has made our watch with careful design and precision with deep philosophy behind it, with the hope will represent it to the wearer of our watch.

Get ready for our new Lanccelot new campaign with Amanda Rawles! Start your fairy tale journey with Amanda Rawles and Lanccelot through mystical forest and achieve your biggest dreams to come true

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