One Night To Remember for Sonya

Sonya Pandarmawan

Who knows what tomorrow will hold? No one knows. But sometimes we just have to dance the night away and hope for the best. Tonight it’s our time to shine. We’re standing in a light that won’t fade, because some nights stays gold forever. Some nights are nights to remember. It was the possibility of dark that made the day seem so bright.

With Lanccelot, for blissful dreams may then arise. With Sonya’s confident, she will guide you through the night with her brightness and charm. The night shall be filled with music, laughter, and joy. It was a beautiful night and tomorrow your heart is still fighting. Because you made it, another day, another night, and another hope.

To make this watch more meaningful, Lanccelot tries to keep up with the latest trends by choosing the beauty of elegant colors with a classic touch on the watch. Garden of Flower Gold Dust uses 3 colors as the base color.

The Garden of Flower Gold Dust watch design concept is elegance and beauty that showcases your beauty with the combination of a watch ring and a stainless steel case depicting eternity, the Gold Dust Mecardonia flower pattern symbolizes beauty, the strap is made of cowhide material from Italy to illustrate strength. Lanccelot tries to present watches with the latest fashion through this collection with a combination of flowers, stainless steel and leather straps.

Lanccelot makes Garden of Flower Gold Dust watch protected by scratch-resistant sapphire glass, which supports your daily activities, perfect for complementing your style with a beautiful floral pattern.

Lanccelot always strives to provide the best products, including the garden clock of flower gold dust which will complete a classic appearance with floral patterns, made of good material and are certainly suitable for women who want to exude natural beauty and a classic impression that increases self-confidence and elegant beauty.