Discover A Hidden Wonder Of Raja Ampat After The Fashion Of An Earthly

raja ampat

Located at west coast of Papua, Raja Ampat as the beautiful resort that has been long known as the hidden earthly paradise that serve the visitors with the beautiful nature needs to be explored by those who love to travel. This resort has successfully attracted many local and international tourists to discover the beauty thing behind this remote area.

Ancient life of the native people with their cultures also becomes the main reason why this island comes into fame. Travelling around that resort is one way out for everyone including of you to know much better how people and nature cooperates for creating the balance in life. If you are wondering with all that things, you can be well-managed financial planner who set aside less than $1,000 for travelling that beautiful resort.

Having the adequate budget in your pocket, your travelling agenda will get started from Bali or Jakarta. There is no direct flight to Sorong when you are travelling to Raja Ampat, so you need to transit in Makassar, the capital city of South Sulawesi and then you can get onto another flight toward Sorong.
Once you arrived in Sorong you need to buy permit ticket that costs for $60 for foreigners and $25 for local tourists in the local office of Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Raja Ampat. When you are travelling in Raja Ampat, you are not recommended to spend money like it is going out of fashion, because you will be charged every time you have arrived in certain places either for renting the boat and hotels or buying entrance ticket for certain resort.

Every resort possesses their own uniqueness such as underwater life with pristine corals and beautiful sea creatures. Therefore, travelling to Raja Ampat is a kind of a lifetime holiday because you will never get an end to discover the beauty of every corner of the resort. Thing that you will never find in another land is the beauty of the “birds of paradise” or commonly called as Cendrawasih that perch in the branches and fly with their own fashion.

If you are lucky enough, you can see annual festival of Raja Ampat that shows you with the culture, traditional dancing and arts. Every native walk along the street with the traditional outfit that seems out of today’s fashion.

If you are travelling to Raja Ampat in this near future, you are suggested to plan the budget and find the appropriate time to visit so that you can see the annual festival there. When you have arrived there, you are not supposed to be surprised to know the traditional costumes worn by native people of Papua that go out of fashion. It is because they still want to preserve the traditional culture bequeathed by their ancestor.

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