Be a Successful Leader with Aegis of Azazel

Aegis of Azazel

As a leader, Azazel has an important role. Based on the Book of Enoch Azazel is giving important knowledge for men. In specific, the society especially men learn how to creating swords, knives, shields, coat, and many more from Azazel. It is not only men but also women who improve their appearance such as painting face, ornamenting body, or dyeing hair from this leader. Actually, the history also said that Azazel is the fallen angel. Because of his role in human being, it is a common thing if Azazel becoming a legend. You can also see the statue of Azazel in several areas such as Spain and New York City.

Seeing his usefulness for the surrounding, Lanccelot is trying to keep this spirit. Because of that, Lanccelot is coming with Aegis of Azazel which also brings the spirit of useful for the surrounding. Lanccelot hopes that by wearing Aegis of Azazel, you can be more stylish and fashionable to get attention from people around you. When you get more attention, you can start to share your brilliant idea to them. You can be a leader and gives them something useful to let them grow better than before. There is a possibility that you can be said as a fallen angle or Azazel if you are successfully making people around you growth better. Azazel is not only mentioned in mythology but also in Holly Books because of its important role.

Because Lanccelot wants to combine this deep meaning with fashion, Aegis of Azazel is supported by gray leather strap. There is also reason why gray is chosen to be mixed with Aegis of Azazel. One of them is because gray is believed as a balancing color. By using something with gray, you will be calmer and relax. In short, you can control your emotion better than before. Calmness and relax as well as wise are important emotion which has to be maintained by a leader. Gray is also considered as a cool color. Most people who are using gray seem to be the coolest person. Aegis of Azazel from Lanccelot is a perfect watch especially for you who want to perform formally. It makes you elegant, cool and confident to meet your clients or colleagues. At he same time, Aegis of Azazel is also suitable for casual fashion because gray is also symbolized conservative. In short, Lanccelot hopes that you can be a wise and successful leader with the support from Aegis of Azazel.