Bean’s of Augeas to Promote the Classic Fashion Item with Originality and Authenticity

Bean's of Augeas

Silver and white will always be the eternal colors, one of the reasons why people love to apply something white is because of its bright and cleanness. This also goes to Bean’s of Aegueas,designed to show a clean, precise, and bright watch, Lanccelot really cares about the latest fashion, each of our watches from Lanccelot are inspired by the history of great people or even mythical creatures.

Lanccelot always try to combine famouscharacters from the story to the design of our watch. Inspired by the Greek Mythology of Augeas.AUGEIAS (Augeas) was a king of Elis in the western Peloponnesos who possessed an enormous herd of cattle.He is mentioned among the Argonauts, but he is more celebrated in ancient story on account of his connection with Heracles.

The legend and myths from Augeas was told to be the greatest myth in Greek history. The watch is also particularly designed with that kind of focus and Lanccelot also wants to promote the classic fashion item with originality and authenticity. This is why it Bean’s of Augean strap is made from high quality silver metal.

Just like Augeas who was a king and a hero in Roman period. This is also the reason why Lanccelot takes Augean as one of the Bean’s series watch collection name. Hopefully, by wearing Bean’s of Augeas watch, the positive strength from Augeas will inspire you the same thing. White represents something clean, clear, and perfection. Silver represents something precious and elegance. Lanccelot always try to create a great combination of color and shape into the watch.

Bean’s of Augeas is one of popular watches in Indonesia and Lanccelot present it with the best design and quality. The general idea is that you will get more than just an ordinary watch. You can be unique and bold with Bean’s of Augeas. The Bean’s of Augeas will be perfect to accompany your every adventure.This is the time to show to the world that you can do something and be useful for your surroundings. Let the spirit of Bean’s of Augeas by Lanccelot supports you.

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