The Deep Philosophy of Aegis of Bedivere

Aegis of Bedivere

If you need a new watch, it is a good reference to take Aegis of Bedivere. This watch is offered by Lanccelot. Before buying this watch, it is better for you to know the philosophy of this watch. By learning the philosophy behind this watch you will be more interesting to buy and wear this stylish watch. Aegis of Bedivere consists of two words.

The first word is Aegis. Aegis is coming Greek Mythology. This word means a protection from powerful source. By using this mythology, Lanccelot wants to offers strong and powerful product. The second word is Bedivere. This word is coming from Arthurian Legend. At that time, Bedivere was a knight. Bedivere or also known as Sir Bedivere was a strong night. It can be shown from the battle namely the Last Battle. Just imagine that Sir Bedivere and King Arthur was the only survivor. The tragic moment is that Bedivere has to lose one of his hands in this battle. The story of this strong knight ended in Roman Campaign. Definitely, Aegis of Bedivere is a perfect watch for you who have strong passion and take hard work to achieve your goals. Actually, what makes this knight special is not only about their strength but also about his appearance. Bedivere in Arthurian history was known as a handsome knight. Of course, Lanccelot wants to bring this spirit to their product. This brand wants to offer a strong and stylish watch to you. It hopes that after wearing their product you can improve your confident. It seems that you are just like the handsome knight from the Arthurian era.

Moreover, some poems were also used the word Bedivere to show how strong and powerful those knights. In the old tale story entitled Culhwch and Olwen, the word Bedivere is also used. Bedivere was considered as the handsomest person in the story. Bedivere is also used by novel as a fictional character. Let say, a novel entitled Graiblazer which was written by Tom Holt use a character namely Bedivere. Lanccelot is also using black color for the strap. Black color has deep meaning. For example, black means power, strength, and seriousness. This meaning related to the strength, power, and seriousness of Sir Bedivere as a knight. He sacrifices himself to protect King Arthur and his kingdom. It is about high dedication in doing profession. It hopes that after wearing the watch from Lanccelot you will be more attracted than before. In conclusion, if you want to go out with style and attractive fashion just wear Aegis of Bedivere from Lanccelot.

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