The Greatness of Grand Duke in Aegis of Grand Dukes

Aegis of Grand Duke

At Lanccelot, there are many products that we can say represent the greatness of many characters in history. Aegis of Grand Duke is one of them. This product was inspired by the greatness of Grand Duke, a ruler that used to rule in kingdom in the Middle Ages century. Unlike king, Grand Duke doesn’t have really big area or territory that they ruled or own. We can say it still one of big area in History, but, if you compare it with King or Queen with his kingdom, the area Grand Duke own is smaller.

Compared with the kingdom, Grand Duke also doesn’t have strong military power or economically, they are not as strong as kingdom. However, this is where Lanccelot impressed and decide to put this unique concept into this product. With this small territory, Grand Duke has lot of chance to get close with his people. So, this humble and simplicity also can be seen through the design of Lanccelot product that looks great with this style.

Grand Duke definitely is not just a baseless story that can be included in the Mythology category. You can find it in many LeGend and history. There are several characters that got this name or position. Here are some of them.

  • Byzantine Grand Dukes

Maybe this is the earlier Grand Dukes you can find. The title of Grand Dukes came up first from Alexios I Kommenos. However, the Grand Dukes title that he uses here wasn’t like ruler like most of Grand Dukes. It was like a title for officer or individual that becomes commander of the Byzantine Navy. This is also the other greatness you can find on this Lanccelot product.

  • Russian Grand Dukes

This is the real and looks like Grand Dukes description above. In Russia, it was called differently, which is Velikiy Kniaz, as the title of Prince of Kieven Rus’. Then next Russian Grand Dukes came up at 1328, as the title of Muscovy, and then next was Ivan IV of Russia in 1547. The last name was the person that becomes Tsar or Emperor of Russia. So, basically, Grand Dukes here are like title for Prince.

Basically, Lanccelot try to take the prince title of Grand Dukes on this product. Therefore, it will look more suitable for younger customer. The Grand Dukes title itself last until 18th century when there are no countries or area that uses the similar system like the use in the past. But, we still can get the Fashion of prince through Aegis of Grand Dukes

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