Be a Mysterious and Great Person with Aegis of Kraken

Aegis of Kraken

There is a legendary monster which believed life around the dwell of Norway and Greenland Coasts. The name of the monster is Kraken. Actually, the appearance of Kraken remains unclear yet. Most people believed that this monster is a giant squids. Because Kraken is a popular mythology this monster is used for fictional character. From the history, Kraken was stated as a monster in 13th century. It was known that there were two sea monsters and one of them is Hafgufa or known as Kraken.

So, why Lanccelot is really interesting to this monster? As a mythological creature, Kraken is a mysterious creature. Moreover, the giant shape and size makes this monster unbeatable and strong. It seems that the description of Kraken makes it as a unique monster. Actually, the characteristics of Kraken are trying to be transformed into Aegis of Kraken by Lanccelot. This is the reason why Kraken is using two colors combinations which are black and purple. Just like Kraken, black represents something mysterious. Deep inside the mystery, this monster is strong, powerful and even scary. Lanccelot wants you to be a strong and powerful although you are also a mysterious person. Because you are strong and powerful, people will give their respect to you. Moreover, Kraken is also a legend for some people. It hopes that Aegis of Kraken supports you to become a legend someday. Lanccelot really cares about the latest fashion.

The purple color is chosen with some deep considerations. Purple is the combination of blue and red and it associates with power. Definitely, Lanccelot wants you to have positive power to deal with the way you achieve your dream. You have to be strong and powerful as well as confident man to conquered problems until you get your dream. Purple is also about ambition. A man with ambition will focus on how to achieve his goals and Lanccelot is trying to give support by offering Aegis of Kraken. People tend to believe that a person who loves purple has something hidden inside or mysterious. Definitely, the something hidden will be brilliant ideas. During achieving your goals, Lanccelot wants to be a confident man. Purple is perfect to boost your confident because it represents luxury and extravagant or glamour. With your confidence, you can attract people and when they are attracted, you can start to give your creative ideas for positive changing. It seems that purple can also control your emotion because this color brings peace for the users.

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