The Navigator of Hector – A Classic and Bold Fashion Watch

Navigator of Hector

In this world, wearing a fashion watch which has a classic and elegant design is a thing which every single person wants. Moreover, we can wear a great fashion watch from well known brands. As we know, a fashion watch from the brands which have become well known always has a unique signature which other brands do not have. There is always a history which inspires the process of making. For example, the Lanccelot, a brand name fashion watch which is inspired by legend, mythology, and mythology creatures. Here, the Lanccelot offers you a great fashion watch which is called the Navigator of Hector.

As been described before, a great fashion watch should carry a history which can make the watch more alive. Not only that, when the inspiration comes from a legend, it can bring a positive aura for those who wear a fashion watch. As its name, this Navigator of Hector is inspired from Roman and Greek mythology. Here, Hector was a prince whose became the greatest fighter for Troy in Trojan War. Based on that story, men who wear this Lanccelot watch – especially youth, is expected to give a confident and will be more manly.

In this Navigator of Hector, the Lanccelot applies two different colors – black and silver. Here, the color of silver is applied in its case, lug, and crown. For the time marker and hands, the color of black will fit on its dial – which is white. Not only that, the strap in this fashion watch is applied with black color. On the other hand, the Lanccelot utilizes roman numerals for the even numbers – except twelve. You can see that the number of twelve is represented by a symbol of navigator which has black color. Besides, the number six is created in a small size because there is an additional dial time right above it.

When we talk about the price which is offered, you may think that this Navigator of Hector is pretty expensive. Because, great fashion watch brands always offer expensive price in general. However, this is not for this brand. Here, the Lanccelot offers you a price which is affordable. Besides, you don’t need to be worried about the durability. Why? Because the Lanccelot chooses the best materials to build this Navigator of Hector. Moreover, this brand is a pride of Indonesia. So, when you are going to purchase a fashion watch, you can choose the Lanccelot– the Navigator of Hector.

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