Navigator of Necromancer from Lanccelot designed for Active Users

Navigator of Necromancer

Necromancer was considered as a powerful person during Middle Ages. It is strongly related to their power which can control spirit or mastering specific magic. It can also be said that Necromancer is a mysterious person. Lanccelot is inspired by this powerful and mysterious people. This is the reason why Lanccelot is coming with Navigator of Necromancer. Although in the history it was related to the black magic, but you can correlate it with something positive or spreading brilliant idea. You can do something with your idea confidently because you are wearing a perfect product. In the end, you can be a legend just like a modern Necromancer.

Lanccelot combines this inspiration with the mythology of colors. Lanccelot believes that color has specific meaning, symbol and even boost your positive aura. That’s why Lanccelot also focuses on the color combination to create a perfect, precise, and stylish watch. Navigator of Necromancer is using white. This color symbolizes something clean and perfect. It can be seen from the detail of the watch itself. It looks clean, perfect, and precise, isn’t it? Due to the cleanness, Navigator of necromancer is perfect for formal occasion. Moreover, white represents light and goodness. Just like this symbol, Lanccelot wants you to be someone who give light and spread goodness to the others. In fashion, white is considered as a classic color as well as everlasting color. One of mythical creatures, which presented in the form of horse also pictured as a white and strong horse.

In contrast, Navigator of Necromancer is using green on its strap. Actually, this is not a totally contrast color. In fact, green is considered as the color of nature. Both of the colors used on Navigator of Necromancer are soft color and it triggers calmness of the users. It is believed that green spread positive feeling. Those who are wearing something green including Navigator of Necromancer is identically with people full of passion. They have big ambition to achieve their dream in positive way. The most important thing, the combination makes this watch looks elegant even if you wear it for casual occasions. Navigator of Necromancer from Lanccelot is a high quality watch made in Indonesia. In general, this watch is simple in design but fulfill the important elements which make it looks stylish, fashionable, and meaningful for the users. In fact, Lanccelot wants to give a watch with perfect proportion and detail for active people like you.

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