Be a Legend with Navigator of Tempest by Lanccelot

Navigator of Tempest

Tempest is known as one of the greatest literary works wrote by Shakespeare. What makes this play becomes a legend in the history is on its plot. While reading the play you can feel the romantic atmosphere, tragic comedy, or cultural atmosphere. Lanccelot is also attracted by this legendary play. Lanccelot also want to create a legendary product and it starts with Navigator of Tempest. Just like the name of the watch, it hopes that this product can support you to be a great person. People will remember all the time even when you gone. To be a great person you have to be stylish and confident.

Lanccelot is trying to support your fashion style to make you more attracting than before. You can also be a romantic and funny person for your beloved family and friends. To meet this need, Lanccelot is designing Navigator of Tempest precisely with three different colors. Those colors have deep meaning in mythology. First, Lanccelot is using white for the frame of the watch. White is chosen to make the watch eye catching. It looks shiny and clean and it makes you tidy enough. White is identically with goodness and most of mythical creatures in white color are also the friend of the hero. Second, Lanccelot is using black for the watch. Black is not only a bad color. It is also can be used to create elegant and classic style. When it is combined, black and white is a balance color. Black is also the color of power and by wearing Navigator of Tempest with black color you can have more power to be more confident. You can use your power to attract people. That’s why this watch is a suitable option for professionals. Just combine it with your black tuxedo and you are ready to go to the formal or suite occasion confidently. It makes you looks cool, mysterious, and mature at the same time. In general you may wear Navigator of Tempest anytime you want. Even in casual occasions, it keeps you attracting and this kind of atmosphere can give you more positive feeling.

Third, Lanccelot is using chocolate strap. Chocolate color is a nature color and it creates contrast atmosphere on this watch. Chocolate is believed to make you calmer and friendlier. Navigator of Tempest by Lanccelot is designed in Indonesia and it is offered for all users around the world who have passion, love, and positive spirit.

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