Navigator of Tiresias- A Unisex Watch Great for Any Occasions

Everyone, regardless of the gender and age, needs elegant and sophisticated watch. A watch is important not only to tell time but also to enhance the physical appearance. That is why choosing the right watch is essential, especially for those who care about fashion. As one of the most famous brands of watch in Indonesia and even across the globe, Lanccelot gives you endless possibility of choosing the best watch you can ever find around you. One of the greatest watches Lanccelot has at this moment is this Navigator of Tiresias.

This beautiful watch from Lanccelot with dark blue strap and golden casing is named Tiresias for reasons of course. If you a fan of Greek mythology, Tiresias must be a familiar name for you. Indeed, this classic watch from Lanccelot is named after the blind prophet of Apollo. Legend has it, Tiresias is a prophet in Thebes who has the ability to see the future. Beside of the special vision, Tiresias is also famous for his transformation into a woman for almost seven years. Being such a unique character, Tiresias is one of the most famous characters, among all mythical creatures, in the Greek mythology.

Why Lanccelot named the watch as Tiresias? It is believed that Tiresias’ transformation into a woman has made him somewhat unisex, just like the watch from Lanccelot, the Navigator of Tiresias. As you can see, the watch is just great for both men and women. Seen from the design, the neutral design with leather strap and round casing makes the watch seems appropriate to be worn by both men and women. The color selection for the strap and also the casing is also quite neutral. Both men and women can wear the combination between dark blue and golden easily for any occasions.

Lanccelot launces the Navigator of Tiresias so that men and women can use this elegant watch easily and more flexibly. This watch is as flexible as Tiresias and also quite sophisticated to be worn right now or in the far future. The design is simply classic yet timeless. The design has been around in history and considered classic. By wearing the Navigator of Tiresias by Lanccelot, you will surely get a sophisticated look in any kinds of occasions you attend, starting from casual occasions to the formal ones. This is why Lanccelot proudly presents you one of its greatest products: the Navigator of Tiresias.

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