Navigator of Wallachia- Beautiful Piece of Watch with Mesmerizing Design

Navigator of Wallachia

For a lot of people, leaving without a watch around the wrist is not something accepted. Indeed, a watch is so much more than an item to tell time. A watch, like a bracelet, is an accessory to enhance the physical appearance. A watch around the wrist that matches with the outfit is simply going to give more aesthetic value to the fashion. Since the demand for a watch is still high everywhere around the world, many watch manufacturers, including Lanccelot, keep on trying to produce beautiful and elegant watches to wear from time to time. Being one of the most famous brands of watch of all, Lanccelot has its products distributed and worn almost everywhere around the globe, including Indonesia. Today, one of the most popular watch products from Lanccelot is the Navigator of Wallachia. Find out more about the Lanccelot watch down below.

The watch Navigator of Wallachia by Lanccelot is inspired by a history of old Northwestern Europe kingdom called Wallachia. If you love the legend of Dracula, Wallachia must be someplace familar. This is the kingdom where Vlad the Impaler (also known as Vlad III, Vlad Tepes, and Vlad Dracula) ruled back in the 1300s. Despite being ruled by cruel, sadistic, and terrible person like Vlad the Impaler, Wallachia was described as a beautiful kingdom, with a lot of hills, lakes, and beautiful sceneries. Some people believe that Wallachia and Transylvania were the same area where the Dracula came from. Today, the modern Wallachia is believed to be Romania. There are a lot of disputes around that topic but mostly everyone agrees that wherever it was, Wallachia was a beautiful kingdom with hills covered by snow and adorable landscapes.

Wallachia was a real place, unlike the places in mythology. This is why Lanccelot took Wallachia as the inspiration for the watch called the Navigator of Wallachia. This place was not full of mythical creature but instead it was full of beautiful sceneries, just like the watch. The watch is the depiction of Wallachia’s landscape. It has beautiful white dial with white casing around it, just like the snowy hill of Wallachia. It also has brown strap to give earthy tone to the watch. The Lanccelot watch is simply classic and elegant, great to be worn by anyone in any occasions. The leather strap is also strong and bold, giving you a long-lasting watch around the wrist. This is why the watch from Lanccelot is simply considered to be the most popular of all.