Bring a Great Combination of Elegance and Classic style to Your fashion attire with Bean’s of Odoacer

Bean's of Odoacer

As we already know, there are so many brands in this world which offer fashion watches which have similar design. However, choosing the right brand for your fashion attire can be a little tricky. At Lanccelot, we always thrive to create and design fashion watches that have deep meaning into it. Not only that, people who wear our watch can become confident and classy. Lanccelot has designed Bean’s of Odoacer to give you what your need.

Flavius Odoace ralso known as Flavius Odovacer or Odovacar was a soldier who in 476 became the first King of Italy. His reign is commonly seen as marking the end of the Western Roman Empire. Though the real power in Italy was in his hands, he represented himself as the client of the emperor in Constantinople. Odoacer generally used the Roman honorific patrician, granted by the emperor Zeno, but is referred to as a king in many documents.

As been described before, a great fashion watch should have a history and Lanccelot is a watch brand company which has been inspired by the story of mythology, mythology creatures, and legend. Inspired from the great history of Odoacer, Bean’s of Odoacer will bring a great combination to your fashion attire and also will bring the positive characters of Odoacer into Bean’s of Odoacer wearer.

Using the combination of black dial and black strap, Lanccelot want to show that Black is a powerful color that will represent the strength of Odoacer and also black is the color that will always looks elegance and simple. Silver case is the color of positive energy and silver also create a clean and simple effect to the watch, so Lanccelot decided to combine the black and silver color to the Bean’s of Odoacer.

In general, this fashion watch is very suitable for every event especially in Indonesia. Besides, the history of Bean’s of Odoacer will bring a great sense of elegance and simplicity to the wearer of our watch, Lanccelot always try to present the best watch with the great design and highest quality, our moto is “Luxuries created by yourself”

By using the best materials, Bean’s of Odoacer will not disappoint you. So, you don’t need to be worried about the quality. Become unique and fashionable with Bean’s of Odoacer watch to enhance your fashion sense.

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