Become Strong and Determined Person with Bean’s of Maurice

Bean’s of Maurice

Lanccelot is inspired by the Byzantine Emperor namely Maurice. The character was chosen because Maurice is considered as a strong creature with great and powerful determination in ruling his kingdom. The term of Maurice is seen as an able emperor and commander-in-chief mythology. All of his people also admire his bravery.

Maurice was Byzantine Emperor from 582 to 602. A prominent general in his youth, Maurice fought with success against the Sassanid Persians. Once he became Emperor, he brought the war with Sasanian Persia to a victorious conclusion: The Empire’s eastern border in the Caucasus was vastly expanded and for the first time in nearly two centuries the Romans were no longer obliged to pay the Persians thousands of pounds of gold annually for peace.

To make this watch more meaningful, Lanccelot is trying to follow the latest fashion trend by choosing the best color combination. This watch is using three different colors. First, it uses black as the dial color of the watch to represent the powerful and mysterious Maurice. Silver case is to represents some positive symbols and elegance into the watch. Second, Lanccelot try to apply dark blue strap to represent great meaning in life and in mythology element.

This watch is designed for those who are confidence or you who want to increase your confidence. Dark blue color is believed to be the color of calmness and confidence. And the unique dial of Bean’s of Maurice will enhance the uniqueness in you. So don’t hesitate to try the newest and unique Bean’s of Maurice to be your fashion accessory and accompany you in your every journey, The watch will be perfect for your elegance and casual activities.

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