Bean’s of Bellerophon Watch to Create the Unique and Positive Traits of You

bean’s of bellerophon

If you are a person who loves to wear a fashion watch, this can be your new choice. As we know, an authentic fashion watch has a signature which other watches don’t have. Besides, there is always a history which is carried by a great watch. Lanccelot, a brand name watch company will be a great choice for fashion lovers with interest in legend, mythology, or mythical creatures. So, if you are going to choose a watch which will give you a nice look, Bean’s of Bellerophon will be perfect for you.

Bellerophon was the son of Poseidon and Eurynome. He was raised by Glaucus who thought Bellerophon was his own son. Bellorophonis a hero of Greek mythology. He was the greatest hero and slayer of monsters, alongside Cadmus and Perseusand his greatest feat was killing the Chimera, a monster that Homer depicted with a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and a serpent’s tail: “her breath came out in terrible blasts of burning flame.

Inspired from the great and powerful Bellerophon, Lanccelot decided to designed Bean’s of Bellerophon to create the unique and positive traits of Bellerophon into the wearer of our watch.On the design, the Lanccelot accentuates the simplicity and elegance, making this fashion carries a classic and elegant design. Besides, there are three bold colors which are chosen by the Lanccelot –  grey, black and silver. Silver color is applied on its unique strap to enhance the elegance and simplicity concept.Black and grey color to represent the fairness and the bravery of Bellorophon in killing monster.Besides, the unique dial shape in Bean’s of Bellerophon will represent the unique in you.

In general, this fashion watch is very suitable for every event especially in Indonesia. Besides, the history of Bean’s of Bellerophon will bring a great sense of elegance and simplicity to the wearer of our watch, Lanccelot always try to present the best watch with the great design and highest quality, our moto is “Luxuries created by yourself”

By using the best materials, Bean’s of Bellerophon will not disappoint you. So, you don’t need to be worried about the quality. This fashion item also gives the positive vibes that you can survive in bad conditions. Lanccelot does have a collection of watches with simple, unique, and elegant look. Try this Bean’s of Bellorophon to accompany your every adventure.

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