Aegis of Catherine for Modern and Busy Women

Aegis of Catherine

Catherine II of Russia can be used as an inspiration for women around the world. This is related to the fact that Catherine II of Russia or known as Catherine the Great was a great queen. It can be seen from her year of ruling. It is stated that Catherine II of Russia was the longest ruling queen in Russia around 1762 up to 1796. It is not only about the long ruling queen Catherine the Great had an important role to the development of Russian kingdom. Under her leading, Russian Kingdom became stronger and larger in European. Even, it was known as the great power of European.

As a woman, Catherine II of Russia shows her quality and spirit to do something for her surrounding and kingdom. The history of Catherine II of Russia inspired Lanccelot to produce Aegis of Catherine. This watch seems to be the representation of Catherine the Great especially the spirit to be a powerful and wise woman. Just imagine that a woman can make a kingdom as a great kingdom across European. Because of that, she also believed by the surrounding to be the longest queen. Of course, you can do the same thing just like what have been done by Catherine II of Russia. By wearing Aegis of Catherine, it seems that the spirit of this legend woman is transferred to you. Later, you can use your spirit and power to give something important to the surrounding. The role of Lanccelot is to support you with Aegis of Catherine. Lanccelot is trying to offer stylish to bring better fashion. Later, you can be more confident and hopefully it boosts your spirit. Lanccelot is try to use whether history and mythology in its products.

Because it is about fashion, Lanccelot combines Aegis of Catherine with purple strap. Purple has deep meaning including nobility, power and ambition. It seems that Catherine IV of Russia has those three spirits and it is represented on the purple color. If you have power and ambition you can achieve your dreams. You will do some efforts until you can reach it. Just like a nobility family, you will reach it in positive and the right way. This is the secret of being trusted by the surrounding. Just like Catherine IV of Russia who was trusted by the people of Russia to give order. The most important thing is that she done it well. So, just make sure that you also do it well and hopefully Aegis of Catherine gives more strength.

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