Aegis of Elizabeth for Boosting Positive Energy and Health

Aegis of Elizabeth

One of the greatest queens is Elizabeth II. It can be seen from her important role to be a queen in 4 different countries. She started her nobility duty since 1952 and since then Queen Elizabeth II becomes the queen of Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand. Her greatness is not stopped there. In fact, she is the head of commonwealth and becoming the queen of 12 more countries. Until now, she is crowned as the longest reigning monarch. Just imagine how she role those countries since 1952 until 2016 or present. She is the life evidence of the great queen ever. The best part is that in her age now, Elizabeth II is still in a good health. It seems she has powerful spirit to do the best for her people.

The history of Elizabeth is long and it seems that later she will become a legend not only to their people but also worldwide. This is the reason why Lanccelot is using her name as the name of the product. Aegis of Elizabeth is taking the powerful and strength spirit of Elizabeth II. It hopes that when you are wearing Aegis of Elizabeth, the energy of Queen Elizabeth is transferred to you. As the result, you have the same spirit and even more to do something useful for the surrounding. It seems that you have more positive energy to bring change or revolutionary idea. Lanccelot also really care about your fashion. Because of that Aegis of Elizabeth is supported by brown leather strap.

In mythology, brown has various meanings. If it is related to the style and fashion, brown represents elegance. Definitely, Lanccelot wants to make looks elegant with Aegis of Elizabeth. It is also inspired by the fashion of Queen Elizabeth II who always fashionable, simple, and elegant. Moreover, brown is also about warmth. The smile of Queen Elizabeth II becomes the reason why Lanccelot use brown as the color of the strap. The smile of this queen is warm and it makes people who see it happy and feel the positive feeling. Brown gives healing energy to the one who use it. Hopefully, by wearing Aegis of Elizabeth with brown strap color, you will get positive energy to keep you health just like Queen Elizabeth II who still healthy until now. Brown is strongly related to winter and fall. Those two seasons give different point of view of natural beauty and Lanccelot wants to transfer the beauty into you.

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