Be a Legend with Aegis of Monte Carlo

Aegis of Monte Carlo

If you love classic music, you should know about Philippe de Monte. This man was a popular composer during Renaissance era especially around Europe. The popularity of Philippe de Monte couldn’t be separated from the history of his works. At that time, Monte wrote a lot of madrigals and even he wrote more than any other composers in that era. Because of that, Philippe de Monte is considered as the best composer in the entire country and he was the legend especially for music classic and music composition lovers.

The greatness of Philippe de Monte inspires Lanccelot to produce new product namely Aegis of Monte Carlo. Lanccelot wants to take the spirit of Philippe de Monte into their fashion watch. As the result, Aegis of Monte Carlo triggers your spirit to be the best not only in music but also in your own passion. By being the best, you can achieve your goal. The most important thing, you can do something for your society. Just like Philippe de Monte who did something from his composing music skill. Just imagine that he successfully wrote around 40 masses and around 260 scared pieces. When you are wearing Aegis of Monte, it hopes that you can be brilliant and give something useful for your surrounding. It can be anything based on your jobs or passion. Be the best in your surrounding is like a candle in the darkness. Lanccelot wants to bring this spirit in today’s life.

Because it is also about fashion, Lanccelot combines Aegis of Monte Carlo with blue strap. In mythology perspective, blue is not only a color. More than that, blue represents deep meaning. Lanccelot wants to take the spirit of intelligent and confident for Aegis of Monte. Philippe de Monte will not be a historical composer without his intelligent and confident. Moreover, blue is also about wisdom. Because of his wisdom, Monte can create more and more music and people love his works. It is the same with you. Just combine between intelligent, confident and wisdom to grab your own success. It hopes that Aegis of Monte boosts your inner personality to achieve your success story. It is also about the relaxation effect of blue color. While seeing the Aegis of Monte Carlo, you can be calm and relax without leaving your works. It is the same with what done by Monte. He created high quality music to make people happy and relax while doing their daily activity.