Aegis of Saxon Makes You a Hero

Aegis of Saxon

For those who love something about classic German, you can consider wearing Aegis of Saxon from Lanccelot. This watch has deep meaning which shows German in classical era. In the history, Saxon was considered as Germanic tribes. In the next development, Saxon was developed well because of migration and trading. As the result, Saxon has several languages and cultures. The languages and cultures are the mix of people from Baltic, Polabian, Finnic, and West Slavic. It is also said that Saxon is coming from mythology product namely Seax. Seax is known as a knife but there is no clear explanation about the design of the knife.

People are also connecting Saxon with Latin language known as Saxa. Saxa has different meaning with Seax. Saxa in Latin language is known as stone. Definitely, Saxon can’t be separated with a hero of German. This hero is a legend and his name is Widukind. Widukind was stated as a heron in Germanic era because he had an important role in expanding Frankish Empire. He was known as strong leader and it was followed by his successful. The tribe was also known as a solid tribe. They always live in a big group and migrate all together. To bring this story into fashion, Lanccelot combines Aegis of Saxon with blue leather strap. There are several meanings of blue. Lanccelot is taking blue as the symbol of stability. In fact, Saxon is a stable tribe due to their living habit. Blue is also about trust and it seems that Saxon tribes can’t live in a big group if they don’t have big trust among each other. It is also related to the Widukind and as a hero he can’t help his people without any kind of trust and loyalty.

Absolutely, Lanccelot gives their focus to create Aegis of Saxon to bring people with high level of loyalty and trust to wear this watch. As a man who wears Aegis of Saxon from Lanccelot, it hopes that you can be a hero in your beloved family, friends, and colleagues. You can increase your confident just like Widukind while helping his people to expand his territory. At the same time, Aegis of Saxon with blue strap is a good option for smart person. It seems that you can bring your brilliant idea to achieve your goals. Because you are wearing blue strap it shows that you are a kind of optimistic and fresh person. You can come out with new and fresh idea to your surrounding.

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