Aegis of Arthur – A Firm and Sophisticated Watch with Elegance

Aegis of Arthur

A fashion watch is not only about the design but also the story or history behind the crafting. A present to you who adores the old mythology and mythical creatures, the Aegis of Arthur, a handcrafted watch made from high quality material with dent is brought by Lanccelot. This watch should end your quest for a fashion item that fits your cool and firm personality just like the great King Arthur.

The myths and legend of Celtic people put the Great King Arthur as one of the greatest warriors Earth has ever had and this particular watch was designed and made with the same focus. Indonesia and Lanccelot is so proud to be able to make such great fashion watch to suit people at all ages. King Arthur, who was known as once and future king, inspired this watch so it can be your only once and future watch. Imagine wearing this watch on your arm that you feel like being as great as King Arthur. Definitely, it brings so much confidence that you need to face the world.

Being inspired with such great mythology, the Aegis of Arthur was designed by Lanccelot for being classic fashion item with authenticity. High quality gold metal strap with curvy rectangular case body results in an elegant appearance that is adored by so many people. Its body case is rather unique in shape because it isn’t completely a balanced rectangular. Instead, the upper part is slightly bigger than the lower part. The size is perfect for any wrists.

Strong and firm personality of a King of Arthur has also inspired the color choices. The gold strap and navy blue base for the body case. The surrounding case is made with gold metal to confirm the high class elegance this wrist watch has. This color combination has once again described the strength, firm and bravery of the King of Arthur. So when you are wearing this Lanccelot watch, you’d feel like you are closer to Arthur.

Lanccelot wants to make it simple yet high in quality and sophisticated. So, the body of the watch isn’t filled with 12 hour marks as other usual watch. Instead, it only puts 4 hour marks on 4 different directions. This simplicity is rather a part of its sophistication and elegance. With this gorgeous fashion watch, Lanccelot truly hopes that you will enjoy the feeling of being empowered with the energy coming from the Aegis of Arthur.

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