Aegis of Leviathan for Men with Brilliant Ideas

Aegis of Leviathan

One of popular watch offered by Lanccelot is Aegis of Leviathan. Before wearing this watch it will be good if you know about the history of the name of the watch. For your information, Leviathan is known as a monster. It is a big monster who lives in a large sea. There is still unclear about the appearance of this creature. One thing for sure that people believe that Leviathan is a mythology creature. For example, Leviathan is mentioned in a classic book entitled Moby Dick written by Herman Melville. It is stated that Leviathan is a big whale. Before that, Leviathan was also popular in Mesopotamia and Scandinavia. This creature symbolized a world that in a chaotic condition.

Although the shape and the appearance but most people believe that this creature is big and scary. Even, this creature is the servant of sea gods. It is believed that when sea monster is coming, it means there will be a chaotic condition such as big war. In different perspective especially in Jewish era, Leviathan was considered as a creature which similar to dragon. In fact, dragon is also a classic creature. People don’t really know and see the real appearance of dragon as well as Leviathan. In that era, people believed that Leviathan and Behemoth will appear in the end of the world. The duty is to destroy the world before the coming of a new era or world. It seems that Lanccelot wants to create a product which gives mysterious sensation.

This creature is a big and long lasting creature and Leviathan can be said as a legend creature. Just imagine that when you are wearing Aegis of Leviathan from Lanccelot, you will be as great as Leviathan in its greatness and strength. The attention from people will be in yours. Aegis of Leviathan is perfect with black leather strap. Black is known as the color of mystery. Lanccelot wants to make you as a mysterious man which makes people curious about you. Black is also talking about power. Just like Leviathan, it hopes that you will have power in your surrounding while you are wearing Aegis of Leviathan. In short, you can be a mysterious man but in once you can also be a man with revolutionary idea or breakthrough idea when you are wearing Aegis of Leviathan. Lanccelot doesn’t want to make an ordinary watch without meaning. There is always a deep meaning behind their fashion watch including Aegis of Leviathan.

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