The Beauty of Monte Cristo Inspired Lanccelot to Create Aegis of Monte Cristo

Aegis of Monte Cristo

Lanccelot is offering one of their products known as Aegis of Monte Cristo. It will be great if you wear it to support your daily activity. To feel how precious this watch is, you can just learn the history of the name of the watch itself. Monte Cristo is considered as an island. This island is a part of Tuscan Archipelago. Talking about Monte Cristo it means we have to go back to the Etruscans in the Iron Age. Before said as Monte Cristo, this island was known as Oglasa or Ocrasia.

So what makes this island special so it becomes the name of a watch from Lanccelot? It is because of the beauty of the island itself. As an island which is located near Tyrrhenian Sea, Monte Cristo has various types of rock. The surrounding is covered by mountains including Monte Della Fortezza, Cima Del Collie, Fondo, and Cima Del Lecci. This place also has only one harbor. The interesting part, Monte Cristo has been used by Alexander Dumas. This writer used Monte Cristo as the setting of his novel entitled the Count of Monte Cristo. In fact, Monte Cristo becomes a mythology story of Sandwich. It seems that this island becomes a legend for some people because of the story behind it.  As an island, Monte Cristo is considered as a wonderful island along with dynamic climate. The beauty of the island is perfect with the floral and fauna around it.

By seeing the beauty of Monte Cristo, Lanccelot wants to offer a beautiful watch which represents the wonderful island of Monte Cristo. By wearing Aegis of Monte Cristo, it hopes you can be a dynamic person. In line with the beauty of Aegis of Monte Cristo, this watch is using blue leather as the strap. Blue represents sea or sky and it is also have a relation with the clear sea and sky of Monte Cristo. More than that, this color also represents trust and loyalty. Definitely, people with dynamic as well as having high passion is perfect to wear Aegis of Monte Cristo from Lanccelot. You will do positive things to achieve your goal such as being a loyal and trusted person. Blue color also shows that you are smart. It seems that you will be more charming and attracting just like the beauty of Monte Cristo Island. Aegis of Monte Cristo from Lanccelot will be a new fashion which support to be a confident, charming, handsome, and good looking man.

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