Aegis of Teutonic for Strong Character Gentlemen

Aegis of Teutonic

Carrying the traditions and spirits of great Middle Ages military orders, the Teutonic Knights have been great inspiration for Lanccelot to design one of the best in the collections, the Aegis of Teutonic. As other watches in the Aegis collection, this piece of handcraft uses mythology and mythical creatures epic tale as its inspiration to present the best designed fashion watch.

The knights were not only great and brave but also obscure and humble. These characters have made the Teutonic as one of the greatest knights ever in the history. In particular, Lanccelot, a watch crafter based in Indonesia has the same expectation for Aegis of Teutonic, to be one of the handcrafted watches that world has ever had.

Made with great precision by the best handcrafters, each Aegis of Teutonic has the high quality of premium imported watches but lower price for affordability. As the legend has it, Teutonic knights were prestigious and well-respected knights at that time. So, when you are wearing the Aegis of Teutonic from Lanccelot, you will receive the same positive energy and become well respected person. In the end, it helps you to be a more confident and successful person in the near future.

Each part of the Aegis of Teutonic is every classic and elegant which makes it perfect for gentlemen to wear. It allows the watch to be very wearable for any events or occasions including the casual and formal events. With this sophisticated and high quality of watch, Lanccelot is a very proud manufacturer.

Let’s talk about the details of this gorgeous gentlemen’s watch from Lanccelot. A silver metal strap becomes the one catching the eyes. With extreme precision and details, the high quality strap creates the first strong impression. Silver strap is chosen over gold strap to present sophisticated simplicity. What a great choice for a gentleman.

In the middle, the black body case is beautifully designed and crafted. The curvy rectangular body case is chosen to present flexibility and sophistication. Even the edge of the body case is also in black which confirms the strong energy of the watch.

For the background on the body case, a Lanccelot logo in red makes beautiful contrast with the black background. To add more uniqueness, the hour and minute hand has different color. Black is for the hour hand and red is for the minute hand. The gorgeous and cool details create a sophisticated piece of Aegis of Teutonic that all gentlemen will wear with proud and confident.

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