Just Be a Hero with Aegis of Theseus

Aegis of Theseus

Ancient Greek is popular with its mythology. But, the mythological person or things are believed until now. One of the popular mythological persons from Ancient Greek is known as Theseus. It is believe that Theseus is the king of Athens. This great king inspires Lanccelot to create a watch namely Aegis of Theseus. Before wearing Aegis of Theseus, it is good to known the philosophical meaning of Theseus in this product.

For your information, in the history of Ancient Greek, Theseus was a hero. As a hero and a king, Theseus was successfully control the people of Athens and he had an important role in the development of Athens. Definitely, he was a strong hero just like Hercules. Lanccelot is inspired to create Aegis of Theseus because of his strength. Theseus becomes a legend because of his successful role as a king. Lanccelot hopes that when you are wearing Aegis of Theseus you can be a strong man. You can give your role to the surrounding so there will be a positive and good impact because of you. As a strong person, you can also make a wise decision for your colleagues. You can also handle any kind of problems in workplace. It is similar to Theseus who tried to be a good and wise king as well as a strong hero to protect their people and Athens. From this explanation, you can conclude that Lanccelot gives high class fashion product for you. Of course, Lanccelot wants to give a philosophical meaning in each of the element including the strap.

In specific, Aegis of Theseus is using mocha color for the strap. Mocha is not an ordinary color. In fact, mocha shows superiority and strong taste in food. You can define the mocha in Aegis of Theseus as a color to show that you are a strong and superior person in your surrounding. You can give positive impact to them in any kind of your decision. At the same time, people around you are amaze with your confident and style. They give their trust to you because they know that you have something brilliant to development of your surrounding. It is also about the exclusivity. Just like Theseus who was an exclusive or popular mythological heron in Ancient Greek, you can also be an exclusive person because of Aegis of Theseus from Lanccelot. In short, Aegis of Theseus is an exclusive product along with deep philosophical meaning in each element.

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