More Confident, Strong, and Stylish with Aegis of Tristan

Aegis of Tristan

One of popular heroes in Arthurian era was Tristan. In the story, Tristan was sent to find Iseult because she had to marry the king. The funny thing is that both of them were accidentally drank a love potion.  Away from this story, Tristan was also popular in Celtic mythology. As a hero, Tristan was a brave and handsome here. Because of his bravery, the story became popular until know. In fact, Tristan was also a legend in King Arthur era. It is stated that Tristan was following King Arthur into the Quest for the Holy Grail.

This is the reason why, Lanccelot is using the history of Tristan to create Aegis of Tristan. Most people want to be a hero whether a hero in the family, workplace, hometown, and anywhere. Definitely, you want to do something for the surrounding. Lanccelot is proudly present Aegis of Tristan to deliver the spirit of this popular hero. A hero must be confident, stylish, and strong. Just like you when you are wearing the Aegis of Tristan you can be more confident and strong as well as stylish. When you are strong and confident, you will be more confortable to do something positive. It is the power of deep meaning and fashion presented by Lanccelot. Just imagine that after wearing Aegis of Tristan, the spirit of Tristan is coming to you and it gives significant impact to your life. The representation of strength and positive feeling is also applied on the strap of Aegis of Tristan. Lanccelot is using dark green color for the strap. Dark green symbolizes freshness. It will be perfect if you go with high confidence and freshness because it triggers fresh and brilliant idea to the surrounding.

Dark green is also useful to balance your emotion. That’s why when you are wearing Aegis of Tristan it feels calm and relaxing. As the result, you can do your daily activity well. This is the starting point of doing something to the surrounding. Lanccelot wants to support you in the development of your career. In fact, dark green represents the growth and it can be the growth in your career. It will be perfect if your career is growing well and you are living in harmony. You have enough money from your job, healthy, and happy everyday. Just like the spirit of a hero or Tristan who want to help the surrounding, you can also do the same and let Lanccelot supports you through Aegis of Tristan.

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