The Important History of Tudor Era

Aegis of Tudor

The Tudor period can’t be separated with the role of Henry VII. In fact, he was the first Monarch and England face its glorious era. The history of Tudor dynasty stated that England was better in several important aspects. England was good in its economic condition, done more expansion and more optimistic during the Tudor era. Woolen products were exported across Europe. It was Henry VII who offered modern bureaucracy and governmental system in England.

Definitely, this story is very interesting for Lanccelot. The Tudor era including Henry VII is a legend because it is successfully changed something into better condition. This is the spirit of why Lanccelot creating Aegis of Tudor. The Tudor era was the golden era for England. They struggle from bad condition and successfully develop. Lanccelot will be very happy if you can do the same thing. You have to struggle from your bad condition and achieve your own golden era. It will be perfect if you go through it with Aegis of Tudor. Just like Henry VII, you can also be a person who gives a significant impact to the surrounding for better condition.

Aegis of Tudor is the combination between the positive spirit and fashion. It can be seen from the use of dark blue leather strap. Dark blue represents stability. It is also the representation of the Tudor which is stable and achieved their success. In mythology, dark blue is showing confidence and intelligence. This is also the intention of Lanccelot by offering you Aegis of Tudor. Being a confident person is very important to achieve your success and goal. Your confidence has to be balanced with great intelligence. This is the time for you to show your skills, ability, and ideas to give something useful for the other. Dark blue is the representation of wisdom and loyalty. Henry VII shows that because of his wisdom and loyalty, England can reach their glorious era. It hopes that you can do the same thing just like what Henry VII did. Dark blue gives calming effect to the users and it is great for you to have balance emotion. Aegis of Tudor with dark blue leather strap is good for healing. Absolutely, Lanccelot becomes your best friends to achieve your goals. Aegis of Tudor will make you fashionable and stylish and it makes you more attractive. The most important thing is you have the spirit of Henry VII in Tudor era.

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