Be Like a Powerful King with Navigator of Alaric from Lanccelot

Navigator of Alaric

As a professional man, you have to be supported by a high quality and meaningful product including watch. Lanccelot is coming with Navigator of Alaric for professional users. It is also designed artistically with deep symbolism. It is can’t be separated with the name of the watch, Alaric. Alaric was a king of the Visigoths in Roman Empire. As a king, Alaric has important role in the history of Roman Empire and be a legend.

Lanccelot takes his name as an inspiration due to his power and role. It hopes that the users of Navigator of Alaric can be as strong as Alaric. You have to spread your positive role and do something for the surrounding. Furthermore, Lanccelot really care about the style of their product. What Lanccelot wants is to offer simple and classic watch to make you more confident and elegant. It can be seen on the colors applied. Lanccelot is using gold finish for Navigator of Alaric. Gold represents something related to passion. That’s why this watch is perfect for users who have a lot of dreams and dare to do something to achieve those dreams. It is also strongly related to wisdom and love. It means that as a man you need to be a wise and a man with full of love while achieving your dreams.

In mythology, gold is the representation of sun which gives its light to the world. Of course, it is great if you can do something for the surrounding and it looks like give light to them. Even, gold is also believed as the color of one of mythical creatures, dragon. Lanccelot not only triggers you to be a stylish man but also a man with full of positive spirit to help others. The gold finish is mixed with chocolate strap. With this combination, Lanccelot wants to show that Navigator of Alaric is simple and great enough for anyone who loves to wear watch. The color of the strap symbolizes health and it stimulates your positive feeling. This is how Lanccelot combines between fashion and history on their watch. Moreover, the Navigator of Alaric is made in Indonesia along with high quality product. It is a general product in which you can wear whether for formal or casual occasions. The final achievement is that you can get more than just a watch by wearing Navigator of Alaric by Lanccelot. It hopes that you can also get the deep spirit offered by this watch.

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