Feel the Great Sense through Navigator of Behemoth

Navigator of Behemoth

Lanccelot is inspired by one of mythical creatures namely Behemoth. This creature is chosen because of some reasons. In fact, Behemoth is considered as a strong creature which looks like an elephant, buffalo, hippopotamus, and rhinoceros. One thing for sure, Behemoth is an extremely powerful creature. It becomes a legend until now. The term of Behemoth mythology is used in several products including games, fictional stories, and of course a watch by Lanccelot. This is why Navigator of Behemoth is offered to you exclusively.

To make this watch more meaningful, Lanccelot is trying to follow the latest fashion trend by choosing the best color combination. This watch is using three different colors. First, it uses white as the base color of the watch. White represents some positive symbols. Let say, it is symbolized cleanness and perfection. Person with high passion tend to do something perfect and it is great if your performance is supported by Navigator of Behemoth. Second, Lanccelot is applied dark blue for the strap. Just like white color, dark blue also has great meaning in life and in mythology element. This watch is designed for those who are confidence or you who want to increase your confidence. Dark blue is believed to improve your confidence. Actually, it is not only about your confidence. More than that, dark blue is also perfect for those who want to keep health. In fact, it is believed that dark blue can slower your metabolism as well as your reduce stress tension. It will be a common thing if you will be calmer after wearing Navigator of Behemoth.

Third, Lanccelot is also applying black as the background color. Black is not only the color of badness. Through this classic design, Lanccelot is trying to show that black has a good sense. In fact, this color supports the previous two colors. Black gives you more power so you can do all your activities well and perfect. In fashion industry, black is taken because it represents something elegant and formal and even maturity. That’s why you can make your stylish formal appearance perfect with Navigator of Behemoth. The interesting part is that you can wear this watch not only in formal occasions but also in casual occasions. Navigator of Behemoth from Lanccelot is made of high quality materials from Indonesia. Just feel the spirit and the style while wearing this watch and hopefully you will be more positive with the product from Lanccelot.

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