Aegis of Sulawesi to Represent Diversity Across Indonesia

Aegis of Sulawesi

Sulawesi is one of the biggest island from Indonesia, it is located between Kalimantan island and Maluku island. With the extensive territorial of 174.600 km2 and one of the biggest island in Indonesia, Sulawesi has no doubt have many cultural diversities. Sulawesi is famous for its abundant natural resources, including its flora and fauna. Sulawesi is also the home of traditional heritage from many cultural diversity across Indonesia.

Inspired from the many diversity and natural sources from Sulawesi, Lanccelot has come up with the design and philosophy for the newest members of Pride of Indonesia Series, Aegis of Sulawesi. With case size of 34×37 mm and case thickness of 7 mm. Aegis of Sulawesi is perfect to represent elegance and pride of Indonesia.

Made from Green Sandal Wood. Aegis of Sulawesi a perfect harmony to complete your fashion accessories. Green Sandal Wood is believed to be a sacred wood with a lovely aromatic scent. In ancient India, Egypt, Greece, and Rome it has been used for purposes as fragrance in furniture and embalming. Sandalwood’s scent is both excellent for staying present and alert during meditation. With brown color as the original Sandal Wood color, it is known as the classic and timeless color. Lanccelot hope that it will bring elegance and spread the awareness of the beauty of Sandal Wood.

To create a fashionable item with deep meaning and sense of pride from Indonesia, Lanccelot has create Aegis of Sulawesi, made with detail and precision, Lanccelot hope that Aegis of Sulawesi will make the wearer feel calm and confident to face his everyday problems. The most important thing, Lanccelot create Aegis of Sulawesi with simple but elegant design in order to add more classic touch but still fashionable.

By wearing Aegis of Sulawesi you can also help to spread and promote the beauty of Indonesia. Made from quality natural wood from Indonesia, each of the detail is made precisely and it has deep meaning.

Lanccelot wants to give something positive and strength to our watch wearer. Bring your passion of classical watch and mixed it with the sense of Pride for Indonesia. Our beloved country.

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