Navigator of Druid from Lanccelot for Simple and Productive Men

Navigator of Druid

A professional has to wear something represent its class. Navigator of Druid from Lanccelot is the answer. This is due to the representation of the watch itself. Druid was considered as the name of high ranking professional class in ancient Celtic culture. As the professional class, they have important role in making specific decisions. Just like the users of Navigator of Druid who also an important professional in its surrounding. People will wait for your brilliant and breakthrough idea. Just be sure that you will be the part of history. Hopefully in the end, you will be a legend which will be memorized by your people who love you.

Lanccelot is trying to combine between history, mythology, and fashion in a product. That’s why each of part applied in Navigator of Druid has deep meaning including the color option. You increase your positive feeling and to give your cleaner sensation, Lanccelot is using white color as one of the base colors. White is always related to goodness. Just remember that an angle as one of mythical creatures is also symbolized in white or brighter light. It is the color of perfection. It can be seen from the perfect round of the watch. As a perfect man, you tend to see something in detail. It is a simple design but it really makes your more confident than before. Balance is very important and balance shows perfection. To balance the white color, Lanccelot is also using green color. Green color is chosen by Lanccelot to design Navigator of Druid not only because it boost the elegant element. More than that, the color is soft and it triggers calmness to anyone who sees it. It seems that green color can give you more energy to face your hectic days.

For those who love nature might choose Navigator of Druid from Lanccelot because the green strap is representing the color of nature. The bottom line of this watch is that Lanccelot is trying to offer something classic through the simple design along with stylish model through the combination and the proportion of the color. You are the general of yourself. Be a good leader for your surrounding and let this product supports you. One thing you should know that Navigator of Druid from Lanccelot is made in Indonesia and it is only using high quality materials. It can be felt from the durable strap and long lasting watch machine so you can wear it anytime and anywhere you want.

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