Navigator of Medea – Mysterious Beauty in a Watch

Navigator of Medea

Medea is one of the Mythical Creatures that is described as a beautiful woman. Medea is the daughter of a king named Aeetes. Medea learned magic from Hecate. Hecate is the Moon Goddess. Medea is not always described as a wicked wizard. Lanccelot has the courage to eliminate all the negatives into excellence for a woman. The young Medea is a princess with a beautiful face. Medea has a sacred and innocent attitude. Medea also has a good personality. Lanccelot took these values ​​to create the Navigator of Medea. Medea escaped from the kingdom for being instigated by Jason. The media loved Jason so much that Medea could not resist the man’s wish. Medea actually felt guilty for leaving the kingdom.

Medea has a holy love but Jason left Medea with another woman. Medea felt angry and hated the woman. This makes Medea bewitch and kill the woman. Medea has a variety of stories but Lanccelot draws a positive conclusion about the story. Watches are a fashion item that should be worn by women. The company understands that there are many women who want unique things from watches. Lanccelot makes this watch specifically with the History of Medea. Consumers from Indonesia can buy these watches at official stores. This is not a General Watch produced without any calculation.

Lanccelot has incorporated the Legend element into the design of this watch. This watch also has a red band because Medea is a courageous woman who can face any problem. Medea manages to avenge the evil. Mythology is the basis for making this watch. Lanccelot wants you to imitate the courage of the woman. The color of gold is a symbol that women are born as princesses in a family. Women have high self-esteem. Women are perfect beings with eternal beauty. This color also adds a Classic element in this watch.

Lanccelot does not use black on this watch. The company chose white to represent a woman’s purity. All women have merciful, innocent, and holy nature. The properties must be described in white. This color not only makes a woman’s appearance to be Elegant but also feminine. Medea is the epitome of a career woman in modern life. This watch will remind you of the courage of a princess. Medea always gives a genuine love for the man. Lanccelot expects that these watches can give the message that you must give a sincere love to all those around you.

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