Navigator of Merlin – Dazzling and Confident Watch

Navigator of Merlin

Merlin is a magician of Arthur’s legend. Merlin is a man. Merlin gains magical power from a wonderful occurrence. Mythology tells us that Merlin is a creature with a million charms. Lanccelot succeeds in describing the charm in the Navigator of Merlin. These are watches inspired by Mythical Creatures. Merlin has a life full of controversy. Merlin has a thousand faces. Merlin can turn into a parent, a poet, a mentor, and so on. Merlin had inherited wisdom to the kings. King Arthur appoints Merlin as an advisor. History writes that Merlin was the son of a nun. There are several books that say that Merlin is the son of a devil who is a servant of God. This is a paradox. Lanccelot offers the famous Merlin story in the watch.

Lanccelot is a company that makes watches with full meaning. This company is well known in Indonesia and the world. Merlin’s story indeed sounds creepy because Merlin was born of a human mother and a devil’s father. The demon impregnates a woman who sleeps without prayer. The woman is pregnant and cannot explain the pregnancy. Merlin had been an advisor to King Arthur. Merlin not only became an adviser but also helped the adventure of the king. This is the point that Lanccelot wants to emphasize. Merlin has a great strategy so that King Arthur can defeat the enemy. Merlin loves The Lady of Lake. This love story becomes a Legend that completes the magic story.

Merlin is not a General wizard. Merlin was born a special magician. Perhaps Merlin became the only wizard that was not burned by the community in ancient times. Merlin is well known for his wise nature. Lanccelot offers these properties in a bright red watch band. If you use this watch, then the elegant impression will always radiate from your personality. You can see all things with a clear mind. This is the philosophy of this watch. Lanccelot also gives a touch of Classic by using white color.

Merlin is indeed called the son of Satan but Merlin was born of a sacred woman. This holiness cannot be redeemed by anything. This is something that no one can deny. Merlin became the man most trusted by King Arthur. Merlin has an intelligent nature that is not shared by other magicians. Merlin has provided assistance to many people. Merlin also has a charm for everyone. Lanccelot hopes that this watch can be the latest Fashion that reminds you of that moral value. You can definitely see the Greek style on this watch. You can look with a charm like Merlin when wearing the latest watch from Lanccelot.

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