Be a Cool Man by Wearing Navigator of Oedipus from Lanccelot

Navigator of Oedipus

Lanccelot is trying to show that black is not always a bad color. It can be seen on our latest watch, Navigator of Oedipus. With a perfect combination, black can be an elegant color. Even, by wearing Navigator of Oedipus by Lanccelot you look more mature than before. Don’t forget that Oedipus has also an important role. It is stated that in Greek mythology, he was a king of Thebes. The history of Greek literature, it is explained that his journey to be a king was very complicated and it brought him to be a legend. Through his story, Lanccelot takes the spirit of never give up and keep trying until you get what you want.

The general design of this watch is classic, simple, but shows the glamour side as glamour as King Oedipus. It can be seen on the combination of black and gold. In fact, Lanccelot is trying to serve you with the latest fashion item. Gold shows something precious in which most people are looking for it. As a legend, people will find and talk about you all the time. They will follow your positive spirit and feeling. It makes you more confidence, right? There are some mythical creatures which pictured with gold color. One of them is a great creature, dragon! Dragon is a mysterious creature but it is believed as a powerful creature. Navigator of Oedipus from Lanccelot through its color has the same spirit. We want you to be a cool person but from the inside you have brilliant idea and power ready to share.

To make this watch balance and stylish, Lanccelot is applying black strap. Black is used because it is also great to boost your elegance. By wearing Navigator of Oedipus it seems that you look cool and mature. From the design, this watch is perfect for formal events but you may wear it anytime you want. Some people also believe that black can boost your power so you can be stronger than before. In the end, Lanccelot is successfully showing to you that black is not only a negative or always related to darkness. With perfect combination, it can be just like Navigator of Oedipus. It can be said that Navigator of Oedipus is one of precious watches in Indonesia and you have a chance to wear it now. Just feel the spirit and increase your appearance and confidence through this product. Hopefully later you can really achieve your dream without loosing your style because of Lanccelot.