Precious Navigator of Pendragon from Lanccelot for Any Kind of Occasions

Navigator of Pendragon

Just imagine how strong a chief of warriors is. He is the leader of the warrior and it can be said that he is the strongest. In the history of Roman Britain, there was a strong chief of warrior namely Uther Pendragon. He was very popular in Roman Britain mythology and even said as the father of King Arthur. His characteristic made Pendragon become a legend until today. Due to his characteristic, Lanccelot is inspired to create a high class watch namely Navigator of Pendragon. He was not only a chief of warrior but also the defender of the people. It means he loves his people and of course his people love him. This positive spirit which is wants to spread by Lanccelot through Navigator of Pendragon.

To support this spirit, Lanccelot is designing this watch simple but elegant. It is the combination of three different colors, which are black, white, and silver. Lanccelot has strong reason why Navigator of Pendragon is using those colors. Black and white is classic color and it boosts the style of the watch.  In fact, black and white is also a popular color in fashion industry. The reason is more than that. Black and white is the symbol of balance just like Ying and Yang. In separate meaning, black symbolizes something mysterious and white symbolizes brightness. As the users of Navigator of Pendragon from Lanccelot, you can be a mysterious person but when you appear you are charming and becoming the center of attention. Most white mythical creatures are characterized as a powerful and strong creature. Just feel that spirit on you!

Lanccelot knows that you want to perform glamorous. Silver is the representation of glamour and graceful. Actually, it can be used for formal occasions but Navigator of Pendragon from Lanccelot is a general watch which you can wear anytime and anywhere you want. You can easily mix and match with any kind of fashion style. This watch is made in Indonesia and we try to serve the best product for you. We only use high quality materials and it is made with deepest contemplation. It is designed as simple as it can without loosing the style and simplicity. As the result, you are about to wear a watch that more than an item which can show you the right time. There is a strong spirit and meaning behind this product. It makes Navigator of Pendragon from Lanccelot as precious watch for professional users.

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